Hyperion is a school management software that gives computer instructions to provide the user with tools to accomplish a task in the school administration.
Hyperion is a cloud-based school management system that manages and operates every aspect of the academic operation. It ranges from registration for boarding and day students, school management and accounting, staff Management System (HR), reception and front desk services.
Hyperion is a multi-module system with synergistic power to comprehensively manage operations and process data quickly without a glitch.
Major Component Parts
In nutshell, Hyperion offers four major features of educational business as stated below
(1) Matriculation and post-matriculation management
(2) Examination and continuous assessment management
(3) Staff Management
(4) Account, audit and general reporting

(1) Matriculation and post-matriculation management
(a) Registration of students
(b) Billing and fee co-ordination
(c) Image captioning
(d) Student data profiler
(e) Generates and keeps invoices and payment receipts
(2) Examination and continuous assessment management
(a) Marks storage facilities for continuous assessment and examination
(b) Examination score broadsheet generator
(c) Automatic grading and scoring processors
(d) Cumulative result sheet generator for third terms
(e) Report sheet generator
(f) Generates and keeps result sheets for future use and reference
(3) Staff Management
(a) Staff Recruitment and Registration
(b) Staff Management and HR Services
(c) Payroll Management
(d) Staff post and department management
(4) Account, audit and general reporting
(a) Manages school resources
(b) Keeps school assets
(c) Account ledger, includes payroll, accounts payable
(d) Human resources/personnel management
(e) Activity scheduler and alert system, e.g. birthday of student reminder
(f) Debtor listing
(g) Students and Class listing
(h) Comprehensive income and expenses analysis
...And much more.

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